About the Premium Lessons (IMPORTANT: READ ME)

Here are a few tips for getting the most from this series:

  1. Don't skip around: Knowledge builds on previous lessons (This applies to video lessons as well as written/reading lessons and exercises. Even if you have some experience with programming, the syntax videos may feel slow, but you should work through them regardless as we may cover concepts in a way you haven't seen before).
  2. Avoid distracting environments: You need to pay close attention to the teacher at all times. Take breaks as needed.
  3. Don't just "copy-cat": Pause often to keep up with the teacher's code.
  4. Multiple pass-throughs help: Consider multiple passes through the content after completing to absorb further. Many students find this to be very helpful.
  5. Have fun: Most of all, try to have fun as you learn. These are life-changing skills!

These premium lessons are taught by industry experts who are passionate about teaching. In addition to Rob Dey, you'll learn from Mike Dane (Bitovi, Lockheed Martin) who has a Masters degree in Computer Science and Gerard Butler (Trello, Atlassian) - so you'll get firsthand experience on how things are done at top companies.

We're going to cover programming concepts comprehensively with an emphasis on JavaScript. First, we'll focus on the language itself (too many students focus on frameworks without first getting a strong grasp of JavaScript) - this foundation will make it easy for you to learn all of the additional tools and frameworks. Then, we'll learn by building practical projects that you can add to your portfolio. We'll cover ES6, frameworks, databases and more.

Also, if you haven't yet, you should complete the Essential Web Developer course (available for free) - experience with multiple languages will help you grasp the fundamentals of programming.

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