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Robert Laukhuff

Updated 9 days ago.

Just wanted to say thank you! I landed a job two days ago. They'll have me pair-programming with a senior level coder.

Michael Evans

Updated 7 days ago.

I like the delivery as well as the content. I would love to buy more from this instructor.

Sandra Adams-Hallie

Posted a month ago.

The instructor has enabled me to learn so much in very little time and I have understood it all very well. Can't wait to keep going.

Belma Gaukrodger

Posted a month ago.

I started applying for jobs three weeks ago and am at the final round of interviews. I was able to breeze through the technical tests on javascript no problem!

Brandon Mitchell

Posted a month ago.

Repetition, repetition, repetition. Very clear and informative. Explains everything that is happening and why, in small digestible pieces.

Alecia Vogel

Posted a month ago.

I really love how you explain everything so simply - it makes it feel like, kind of laid back, no pressure but really informative.

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